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Gastrointestinal blood loss from a new buffered aspirin (Ostoprin): measurement by radiochromium and Hemoquant techniques.

NM Lynch, JG McHutchison, GP Young, M Deacon, DJ St John, D Barraclough

Aust N Z J Med | Published : 1989


Occult gastrointestinal blood loss induced by a new buffered aspirin preparation (Ostoprin, 4.0 g per day) was compared with that from an enteric-coated aspirin (Ecotrin, 3.9 g per day) in 40 patients with osteoarthritis. Blood loss was measured by the radiochromium method and compared with the HemoQuant assay of fecal heme and heme-derived porphyrins. By radiochromium, mean daily blood loss during the first week of treatment with Ostoprin increased 1.6 ml above basal compared to 0.8 ml above basal with Ecotrin (p = 0.06). When aspirin was ceased, blood loss returned more rapidly towards normal in the Ostoprin group (p less than 0.01). By HemoQuant, mean fecal hemeporphyrin excretion rose 0...

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