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Wheat bran fiber and development of adenomatous polyps: evidence from randomized, controlled clinical trials.

F Macrae

Am J Med | Published : 1999


Mutations in oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes are thought to initiate and promote the pathway to colorectal cancer, leading to hyperproliferation, the development of adenomas, and progression to gross malignancy. Intervention at any of these steps can potentially prevent the development of cancer. Several randomized, controlled trials have investigated the effect of dietary interventions, including the addition of wheat bran fiber, on the development of adenomatous polyps. In a familial adenomatous polyposis trial, patients were treated with 4 g of ascorbic acid plus 400 mg of alpha-tocopherol per day alone or with a grain fiber supplement (22.5 g/day) over a 4-year period. On an actual-..

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