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Implanted material tolerance studies for a multiple-channel cochlear prosthesis

RK Shepherd, RL Webb, GM Clark, BC Pyman, MS Hirshorn, MT Murray, ME Houghton

Acta Oto-Laryngologica | Published : 1984


We have performed a number of temporal bone and animal studies in order to evaluate the histopathological effects of intracochlear electrode implantation and chronic electrical stimulation. Our results indicate that (a) the insertion of a free-fit scala tympani array results in minimal damage to the membranous labyrinth; (b) the materials used in the electrode array evoke mild tissue reactions when implanted subcutaneously, in muscle, or within the scala tympani; (c) intracochlear electrical stimulation for periods of 500 to 2000 hours, using carefully controlled biphasic pulses, does not adversely affect the population or neural activity of the primary auditory neurones; (d) labyrinthine in..

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