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The effect of an interrupted daily period of normal visual stimulation on form deprivation myopia in chicks

GA Napper, NA Brennan, M Barrington, MA Squires, GA Vessey, AJ Vingrys



The aim of this study was to determine whether an integrator of neural activity influences the amount of myopia and axial elongation resulting from deprivation of form vision. The effects on ocular parameters of a continuous period of 30 min per day of normal vision was compared to two exposures of 15 min duration each, or three exposures of 10 min each. For the remaining time, chicks had monocular translucent occlusion in a 12 hr light/12 hr dark diurnal cycle, for either 2 or 3 weeks. Fellow eyes and the eyes of bilaterally unoccluded chicks were used as controls. We found that several short periods of normal visual stimulation per day were more effective in preventing the development of f..

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