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Increasing the thermal efficiency of an operational data center using cold aisle containment

AH Habibi, T Scherer, J Siriwardana, S Halgamuge

Information and Automation for Sustainability (ICIAfS), 2014 7th International Conference on | IEEE | Published : 2014


Cooling systems play a vital role in the design and operation of Data Centers (DCs), as they consume a considerable amount of energy. Hot air infiltration from the servers' outlets into their inlets, which creates hot spots and flow short-circuiting, is one of the main sources of thermal inefficiency inside air-cooled DCs. This inefficiency increases the total energy consumption of DCs especially when the allocated workload and heat dissipation of the servers are increased. Therefore, efficient thermal management of DCs is considered as one of the main challenges of the DC industry. In order to highlight the importance of this inefficiency, an operational DC has been considered in this study..

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