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The response of growth and foliar nutrients to fertilizers in young Eucalyptus globulus (Labill.) plantations in Gippsland, southeastern Australia

TS Judd, LT Bennett, CJ Weston, PM Attiwill, PH Whiteman



Fertilizer trials, which included rates of application of up to 400 kg ha-1 N, 200 kg ha-1 P and 200 kg ha-1 K, were established in experimental plantations of E. globulus at three sites in Gippsland, southeastern Australia. These sites cover a range of annual rainfall and soil fertility, from 620 mm on a deep infertile sand, to 1000 mm on a rich gradational clay loam. Early growth at all sites was significantly increased by the addition of fertilizers and by age 4 years was consistently best at the highest combined rates of N and P. Foliar N and P concentrations were significantly increased at all sites by combined additions of N and P at Age 1, but were insensitive to treatment at Ages 2 a..

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