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An Investigation of Authentic Leadership's Individual and Group Influences on Follower Responses

C Gill, A Caza

Journal of Management | SAGE Publications | Published : 2018


In this study, we investigated and clarified aspects of the multilevel nature of authentic leadership (AL) and its effects on followers. Specifically, we hypothesized that AL would have distinct effects through both personalized AL, which is a leader’s direct effect on a follower, and through generalized AL, which is a leader’s indirect or group-based effect on a follower as a result of leadership effects among the follower’s coworkers. These hypotheses were consistent with a complete review of the empirical literature on AL’s effects and the results from a sample of leaders and followers working in a large multinational company. The data showed that the two paths of AL’s influence had disti..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

This article was accepted under the editorship of Deborah E. Rupp. We are grateful to Peter Jordan and Hannes LeRoy for their feedback on an early draft of this paper as well as to the participants at the 7th Asia Pacific Symposium of Emotions in Work Life (APSEW), where an earlier version of this paper was presented. We also thank the University of Melbourne for an early career grant that funded the collection of this data and Griffith University's Centre for Work, Organisation, and Wellbeing for supporting the editing of this paper. In addition, we thank J. Craig Wallace and our anonymous reviewers for their valuable and constructive comments.