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Loss of dimerisation of the nonstructural protein NS1 of Kunjin virus delays viral replication and reduces virulence in mice, but still allows secretion of NS1

RA Hall, AA Khromykh, JM Mackenzie, JH Scherret, TI Khromykh, JS Mackenzie



The flavivirus nonstructural protein NS1 has been implicated in viral RNA replication, although its precise role has not been identified. In its native state NS1 exists as a heat labile homodimer that is thought to be required for NS1 function and secretion. However, we have recently identified a cDNA clone of KUN virus (FLSD) that replicates efficiently in cell culture but produces and secretes NS1 in monomeric form. Sequence analysis of the NS1 gene in FLSD revealed a single amino acid substitution (proline(250) to leucine) when compared with the parental KUN virus. When site-directed mutagenesis was used to substitute leucine(250) with proline in FLSD to produce the clone 250pro, dimerisa..

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