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The antigenic and immunogenic properties of synthetic peptide immunocontraceptive vaccine candidates based on gamete antigens

K Sadler, PH Bird, LE Brown, DC Jackson

VACCINE | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 1999


In this study we have investigated the immunogenicity and antigenicity of synthetic immunocontraceptive vaccine candidates containing T- and B-cell epitopes arranged in different geometries. Two epitopes were selected, a B-cell epitope from fox sperm lactate dehydrogenase C(4) and a B-cell epitope from murine zona pellucida protein 3. Both were immunogenic in BALB/c mice when coupled to defined T helper cell determinants, eliciting antibodies which bound to the corresponding B-cell epitope and also to the recombinant protein. Because each of these proteins represent important components in the fertilisation process the results encourage further investigation of synthetic immunocontraceptive ..

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