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Totally synthetic lipid-containing polyoxime peptide constructs are potent immunogens

WG Zeng, DC Jackson, J Murray, K Rose, LE Brown

VACCINE | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2000


A synthetic peptide corresponding to a sequence from influenza hemagglutinin was used as a model antigen to study the immunogenicity of polyoxime constructs. In the absence of any adjuvant, tetrameric forms of different polyoxime constructs did not elicit an antibody response. High and long-lasting levels of antibody were induced, however, by polyoxime constructs to which Pam3Cys (tripalmitoyl-S-glyceryl cysteine) was attached. Comparable serum antibody levels were achieved with Tetraoxime-Pam3Cys administered by the intraperitoneal or intranasal routes to those obtained when the monomeric peptide was administered by the intraperitoneal route in complete Freund's adjuvant (CFA). Mice receivi..

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