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Antigenic and immunogenic properties of synthetic peptide-based T-cell determinant polymers.

DC Jackson, C Fitzmaurice, RC Sheppard, J McMurray, LE Brown

Biomedical peptides, proteins & nucleic acids : structure, synthesis & biological activity | Published : 1995


Presentation of T-cell determinants to the immune system in multimeric form has clear advantages and the production of synthetic peptide-based polymers using the solubilisable KS resin described by Goddard et al. [1] provides a method of assembling such polymers and also offers the means for making heteropolymers. The present study investigates the potential of polymeric synthetic peptide constructs in eliciting proliferative T-cell responses to determinants of the influenza virus hemagglutinin. The induction of vigorous CD4+ T-cell immunity was achieved with a polymeric construct containing two different T-cell determinants. The data presented here also highlight the fact that distancing th..

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