Journal article

Climate change expected to drive habitat loss for two key herbivore species in an alpine environment

M Parida, AA Hoffmann, MP Hill

Journal of Biogeography | WILEY | Published : 2015

University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank Jane Elith for providing climate data. Henrik Wahren, Warwick Papst, Michael Nash, Karen Stott, Elaine Thomas, Annie Leschen, James Shannon, Roger Good, Ken Green and Keith McDougall provided information on grass-damage sightings in Victoria and New South Wales. We appreciate and acknowledge field assistance from Michael Nash and Citra Jewson Brown in recording moth presence-absence data in New South Wales. Thanks also to Vincent Q. Vu for making accessible his ggbiplot functions used to create Fig. 3b. No conflict of interest exists among the authors. The work was supported by funding through the Long Term Ecological Research Network and the Linkage/Laureate Fellowship programmes of the Australian Research Council, with the Victorian Department of the Environment and Primary Industry and Parks Victoria as partners.