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Multivariate decoding of fMRI data

J Heinzle, S Anders, S Bode, C Bogler, Y Chen, RM Cichy, K Hackmack, T Kahnt, C Kalberlah, C Reverberi, CS Soon, A Tusche, M Weygandt, J-D Haynes

e-Neuroforum | Walter de Gruyter GmbH | Published : 2012


Abstract The advent of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of brain function 20 years ago has provided a new methodology for non-in­vasive measurement of brain function that is now widely used in cognitive neurosci­ence. Traditionally, fMRI data has been an­alyzed looking for overall activity chang­es in brain regions in response to a stimu­lus or a cognitive task. Now, recent develop­ments have introduced more elaborate, con­tent-based analysis techniques. When mul­tivariate decoding is applied to the detailed patterning of regionally-specific fMRI signals, it can be used to assess the amount of infor­mation these encode about specific task-vari­ables. Here we provi..

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