Journal article

Conflict translates environmental and social risk into business costs

Daniel M Franks, Rachel Davis, Anthony J Bebbington, Saleem H Ali, Deanna Kemp, Martin Scurrah

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences | NATL ACAD SCIENCES | Published : 2014

University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Caroline Rees, Warwick Browne, Ming Lei, Olivier Salas, Jack Nichols, Kristen Roy, Daniel Tuazon, Ashlee Schleger, Rebekah Ramsay, Magaly Garcia-Vasquez, David Plumb, Sanford Lewis, and Anahi Chaparro for assisting with case research, interviews, analysis, and presentation of data; Gillian Cornish for assisting with literature review; and David Brereton, John Owen, Peter Erskine, John Sherman, Robert Eccles, and Ron Nielsen for providing feedback. This work was supported in part by a Ford Foundation research grant (to A.J.B. and M. S.) and grants from the University of Queensland (D. K. and A.J.B.) and University of Queensland Foundation (D. M. F.). In-kind site-level transport and logistical support was provided for field research by some companies.