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Vasodilatation by acetylcholine is endothelium-dependent: a study by sonomicrometry in canine femoral artery in vivo.

JA Angus, GR Campbell, TM Cocks, JA Manderson

J Physiol | Published : 1983


External diameter of the femoral artery was measured by sonomicrometry in the anaesthetized dog. Intra-arterial acetylcholine lowered arterial pressure and thereby passively lowered diameter. When blood flow and distal resistance were controlled by roller pump and Starling resistor respectively, acetylcholine (0.1-10 microM) and substance P (0.1-1 nM) both caused up to 10% increase in diameter. Removal of endothelium by mechanically rubbing the artery lumen abolished the dilator response to acetylcholine and substance P but did not affect the response to nitroprusside. Constrictor responses to noradrenaline were unaltered by endothelium removal. Topical application of acetylcholine and subst..

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