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The microenvironment of the ovarian follicle in the postpartum dairy cow: Effects on reagent transfer from cumulus cells to oocytes in vitro

Norma L Hudson, Marty C Berg, Mark P Green, Penny J Back, Eric B Thorstensen, A Jim Peterson, Janet L Pitman, Kenneth P McNatty



This study's hypothesis was that the nutrient composition in follicular fluid (FF) of ovarian follicles in early lactating postpartum cows may influence reagent transfer from cumulus cells (CC) to the oocyte. To test this, concentrations of amino acids (AA), cholesterol, glucose, and nonesterified fatty acids were measured in FF from the largest antral follicles at Days 21 and 46 postpartum during which time, most animals were expected to have resumed ovulatory activity. From the range of concentrations measured, two media compositions (Lac and Half-Lac) were prepared to compare with medium 199 (M199). The AA and cholesterol concentrations in FF were on average, approximately 35% and greater..

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Awarded by New Zealand (NZ) Foundation for Research Science and Technology

Funding Acknowledgements

Funding for this research was provided by the New Zealand (NZ) Foundation for Research Science and Technology (contract UOAX0814) and DairyNZ (AN808). We wish to thank Anita Ledgard and Sue Beaumont and staff from the AgResearch Ruakura farms for assistance with the management of animals and collections of FF and plasma samples. We also wish to thank Dr Geoff DeLisle, AgResearch Wallaceville, Upper Hutt, NZ, for access to facilities for preparing the Lac and Half-Lac media. Finally, we wish to record the untimely death of our colleague, Jim Petersen, during the course of these experiments. We acknowledge the significant contribution he played during the planning and conduct of the experiments.