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IGF2BP2/IMP2-Deficient Mice Resist Obesity through Enhanced Translation of Ucp1 mRNA and Other mRNAs Encoding Mitochondrial Proteins

Ning Dai, Liping Zhao, Diedra Wrighting, Dana Kraemer, Amit Majithia, Yanqun Wang, Valentin Cracan, Diego Borges-Rivera, Vamsi K Mootha, Matthias Nahrendorf, David R Thorburn, Liliana Minichiello, David Altshuler, Joseph Avruch

Cell Metabolism | CELL PRESS | Published : 2015


Awarded by NIH

Awarded by Lundbeck foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by NIH awards R37DK17776 (J.A.) and P30DK057521 (J.A.); the Instituto Carso de la Salud, A.C., via the Slim Initiative in Genomic Medicine for the Americas (D.A.); and institutional funds. D.K. and L.M. thank the EMBL-Monterotondo gene expression and transgenic services for the production of the Imp2<SUP>-/-</SUP> line. L.M. was supported in part by the Lundbeck foundation (grant 177/05). D.K. was supported by an EMBL-postdoctoral fellowship and D.R.T. by an NHMRC Principal Research Fellowship. We thank Evan Rosen, Paul Cohen, Bruce Spiegelman, Youn-Kyoung Lee, Chad Cowan, Gerald I. Shulman, Alex Soukas, and Finn C. Nielsen for discussions; Paul Cohen and Youn-Kyoung for preliminary experiments; O. Peroni for adipocyte size determination; and A. Laskowski and T. Stait for technical assistance.