Journal article

Development and Implementation of ExPLORE Clinical Practice, a Web-accessible Comparative Outcomes Tool for California Hospitals and Physicians.

Peter D McNair, Jade Fang, Stephan Schwarzwaelder, Terri Jackson

EGEMS (Wash DC) | Published : 2015


BACKGROUND: Hospital-based clinicians have little information about the outcomes of their care, much less how those outcomes compare with those of their peers. A variety of care quality indicators have been developed, but comparisons tend to be hospitalwide, and often irrelevant to the practice and patient group of many hospital clinicians. Moreover, information is not enough to transform clinical practice, as the human response to such comparisons is, "I'm doing the best I know how." What is needed is granular, clinically specific feedback with peer-mediated advice about how "positive deviants" achieve better results. OBJECTIVE: This case study reports on the development and implementation ..

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