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New phylogenetic hypotheses for the core Chlorophyta based on chloroplast sequence data

Karolina Fuçi­ková, Frederik Leliaert, Endymion D Cooper, Pavel Skaloud, Sofie D'Hondt, Olivier De Clerck, Carlos FD Gurgel, Louise A Lewis, Paul O Lewis, Juan M Lopez-Bautista, Charles F Delwiche, Heroen Verbruggen

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution | Frontiers | Published : 2014


Phylogenetic relationships in the green algal phylum Chlorophyta have long been subject to debate, especially at higher taxonomic ranks (order, class). The relationships among three traditionally defined and well-studied classes, Chlorophyceae, Trebouxiophyceae, and Ulvophyceae are of particular interest, as these groups are species-rich and ecologically important worldwide. Different phylogenetic hypotheses have been proposed over the past two decades and the monophyly of the individual classes has been disputed on occasion. Our study seeks to test these hypotheses by combining high throughput sequencing data from the chloroplast genome with increased taxon sampling. Our results suggest tha..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Funding for this study was provided by the National Science Foundation (DEB - 1036448 to Louise A. Lewis and Paul O. Lewis, DEB - 1036506 to Charles E Delwiche), the Research Foundation Flanders (G.0142.05 to Olivier De Clerck, fellowship and grant to Frederik Leliaert), Ghent University (Special Research Fund 01J04813 to Olivier De Clerck), the Australian Research Council (FT110100585 to Heroen Verbruggen) and the Australian Biological Resources Study (RFL213-08 to Heroen Verbruggen). We are grateful to John West for providing the Codium culture and Andy Vierstraete for assistance with Ion Torrent sequencing. We thank two reviewers for commenting on our paper.