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Spook Country: A Collaboration

C GREEN, L Green, J Cattapan

ARC One Gallery and Station Gallery, Melbourne | Published : 2014


From 2011 onwards, Jon Cattapan, Lyndell Brown and Charles Green embarked on a three-artist collaboration. This was more than the pooling of resources. The definite and unambiguous intention was that all three would work as a team at sites of conflict where Australians had been involved as combatants or as peacekeepers since Vietnam. In the large paintings on transparent inkjet photographs, soldiers that had been glimpsed on patrol in darkness are subsumed into a bas-relief network of woven gesture and monotype movement. In their large paintings, they turn the depiction of contemporary events into wreckage, drowning and desolation, both from the memorialization of a historical event (the Ira..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This project was supported under Australian Research Council’s Discovery Projects funding scheme (project number DP110100645). The artists also acknowledge the support of the Faculty of VCA and MCM and the Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne.