Conference Proceedings

Sustainability education and the Metaphysics of Yasuní-ITT

M TOSCANO, A Montalvo

Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) | Published : 2014


This paper takes up Michael Bonnett’s challenge to re-examine the role of Metaphysics in Environmental and Sustainability Education (Bonnett, 2003). If, as Bonnett claims, metaphysics is at play in setting up the conditions for –and the destiny of –our relationship to places of environmental concern, then we would expect to see the traces of the metaphysical in the ways in which such places are spoken about. If this were the case, we would then have to re-conceptualise Environmental and Sustainability Education to take into account the metaphysics of our times and do so in ways that are sensitive to the plurality of ways in which to speak about such places. This paper focuses on 'Yasun..

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