Conference Proceedings

Stabilized Nitrogen Fertilizers to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Australian Agriculture

H SUTER, Deli Chen, D Turner, LK Heng (ed.), K Sakadevan (ed.), G Dercon (ed.), ML Nguyen (ed.)

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations | Published : 2014


Loss of nitrogen (N) from applied fertilizer is a major cause of inefficiency in N fertilizer utilization. This loss of N can occur through many pathways including ammonia (NH3) volatilization, nitrate (NO3-) leaching and emissions of gases such as nitrous oxide (N2O). One way of addressing these losses is to amend N fertilizers with compounds that slow the production of the forms of N that can be lost. Two such compounds are urease inhibitors, designed to reduce NH3 loss, and nitrification inhibitors, designed to reduce NO3 - leaching and gaseous emissions. However, the impact of these compounds on N loss is variable across soil type, region, cropping system and temperature. An examination ..

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