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The relationship between maternal use of heroin and methadone and infant birth weight

GK Hulse, E Milne, DR English, CDJ Holman

ADDICTION | CARFAX PUBL CO | Published : 1997


UNLABELLED: AIMS/DESIGN: Reduction in mean birth weight and increased incidence of low birth weight are both associated with exposure to illicit heroin in pregnancy. Many studies examining neonatal outcomes in pregnant heroin users treated with methadone report improvements in birth weight. As a consequence, methadone treatment has become the 'gold standard' for the management of the pregnant heroin user. However, not all studies report significant birth weight increases associated with methadone. We undertook a number of meta-analyses on reduction in mean birth weight and incidence of low birth weight to estimate more precisely the effect of illicit heroin and methadone. FINDINGS: Results s..

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