Journal article

The intravenous glucose tolerance test: peripheral disposal of the glucose load in controls and diabetics.

WJ Butterfield, ME Abrams, DJ John, MJ Whichelow

Metabolism | Published : 1967


Peripheral glucose uptake has been followed during a 25 Gm. intravenous glucose tolerance test in 9 nondiabetic and 8 diabetic subjects. The subjects ranged, in body build, from thin to obese. Peripheral glucose uptake increased in all subjects following the glucose injection. In the nondiabetics a close inverse relation was found between cell glucose uptake and skinfold thickness. In most of the diabetics peripheral glucose uptake was reduced compared to the controls of the same skinfold thickness. The significance of the small glucose uptake in obesity and diabetes, and the disposal of the injected glucose into the blood, urine and central tissues is discussed. © 1967.