Conference Proceedings

Retinal stroke prediction using logistic-based fusion of multiscale fractal analysis

MZ CheAzemin, DK Kumar, TY Wong, JJ Wang, R Kawasaki, P Mitchell

2010 IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques, IST 2010 - Proceedings | Published : 2010


Medical images enhanced at different scales have shown to give good results in mammogram enhancement, tumor classification, and lung nodule detection. However, the studies of multiscale analysis on retinal vasculature have been primarily limited to vessel segmentation. We propose using the Fourier Fractal dimension (FFD) to extract the complexity of the retinal vasculature enhanced at different wavelet scales and a model was formulated for stroke prediction. Sensitivity and specificity were found to be 72.52% and 69.67% respectively. © 2010 IEEE.