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Elevated seawater temperatures have a limited impact on the coral immune response following physical damage

Jeroen AJM van de Water, William Leggat, David G Bourne, Madeleine JH van Oppen, Bette L Willis, Tracy D Ainsworth



Recurrent disturbances on coral reefs that cause injuries, like predation and storm damage, and elevated seawater temperatures reduce coral fitness and immunocompetence. An effective immune response is essential to prevent disease and enhance colony survival. To evaluate how elevated seawater temperatures affect the coral immune response following injury, fragments of Acropora aspera were exposed to ambient (27–29°C) or elevated (32–33.5°C) seawater temperatures for 8 days and subsequently experimentally injured. Expression patterns for 15 immune genes 24 h post-injury revealed that most genes involved in the Toll-like receptor pathway were unaffected by elevated seawater temperatures. Excep..

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