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Efficacy of long-term coral tissue storage in ethanol for genotyping studies

R Berkelmans, J Doyle, MJH van Oppen, EF Asbridge, AR Brown

CORAL REEFS | SPRINGER | Published : 2014


With climate change threatening the future of coral reefs, there is an urgent need for effective coral tissue preservation and repositories from which DNA can be extracted. Most collections use 95 % ethanol as the storage medium, but its efficacy for long-term storage for short-fragment DNA use remains poorly documented. We conducted an accelerated DNA aging trial on three species of coral to ascertain whether ethanol-stored tissue and skeleton samples could yield fit-for-purpose DNA at time scales of 100+ yrs. We conclude that even using a crude DNA extraction technique, samples kept at 40 °C for 20 months yielded DNA of sufficient quality for Symbiodinium and coral host genotyping. If stor..

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