Journal article

Coral thermal tolerance shaped by local adaptation of photosymbionts

EJ Howells, VH Beltran, NW Larsen, LK Bay, BL Willis, MJH van Oppen

Nature Climate Change | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2012

University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

The Centre for Marine Microbiology and Genetics at the Australian Institute of Marine Science provided aquarium facilities and NI. Salmon, I. Hochen, R. Berkelmans, D. Bourne and E. Puill-Stephan assisted with set-up or materials. R. Berkelmans and L. Took provided information on the distribution of Symbiodinium types on the Great Barrier Reef. J. White, I. Tan, S. Gardner, P. Warner, M. Condy, A. Moya and A. Baird assisted with fieldwork. I. Doyle, A. Negri, V. Cumbo and S. Uthicke provided technical advice on pigment analysis, coral larval rearing, Symbiodinium inoculation and chlorophyll fluorescence. The study was funded by an Australian Research Council grant to B.L.W. and M.J.H.v.O., an AIMS@JCU grant to E.J.H., and a Marine and Tropical Sciences Research Facility grant to B.L.W., M.J.H.v.O. and L.K.B.