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• Postcolonial Reason and Its Critiques Deliberations on Gayatri Chakravrty Spivak's Thoughts

P BILIMORIA, Purushottama, D Kassim Dina-Al

Oxford University Press | Published : 2014


Discusses the ideas and influence of a leading theoretician-Gayatri Spivak. Contributors are well-known Gayatri Spivak is a leading theoretician in social science research. Her theories and methods have not only been used in the fields of cultural studies and philosophy of language, but have also been widely applied in the fields of anthropology and political studies. This volume studies and analyses the range of the impact of her approach to postcolonial studies. The contributors analyse, explore and expand the domains of her ideas and formulations and discuss the influence of Kant and Matilal in her writings. The essays deal with Spivak's arguments on feminist studies, as well as the..

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