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Mouse pancreatic beta cells express MHC class II and stimulate CD4( ) T cells to proliferate

Yuxing Zhao, Nicholas A Scott, Hong Sheng Quah, Balasubramanian Krishnamurthy, Francene Bond, Thomas Loudovaris, Stuart I Mannering, Thomas WH Kay, Helen E Thomas



Type 1 diabetes results from destruction of pancreatic beta cells by autoreactive T cells. Both CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cells have been shown to mediate beta-cell killing. While CD8(+) T cells can directly recognize MHC class I on beta cells, the interaction between CD4(+) T cells and beta cells remains unclear. Genetic association studies have strongly implicated HLA-DQ alleles in human type 1 diabetes. Here we studied MHC class II expression on beta cells in nonobese diabetic mice that were induced to develop diabetes by diabetogenic CD4(+) T cells with T-cell receptors that recognize beta-cell antigens. Acute infiltration of CD4(+) T cells in islets occurred with rapid onset of diabetes. Beta..

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