Journal article

Occurrence of hippocampal sclerosis, is one hemisphere or gender more vulnerable?

RS Briellmann, GD Jackson, LA Mitchell, GJ Fitt, SE Kim, SF Berkovic



PURPOSE: We analyzed a large group of patients investigated for suspected seizures to test whether gender or side are important factors in the origins of hippocampal sclerosis (HS). METHODS: We studied 996 consecutive patients (48% men, 52% women) by using standard hippocampal T2-relaxometry methods. RESULTS: HS was associated with a highly abnormal T2 time (< or =113 ms). Categoric analysis showed that hippocampal T2 time was independent of gender and side. T2 time was bilaterally normal in 81% of men and in 79% of women; it was unilaterally abnormal in 15% of both men and women; and bilaterally abnormal in 4% of men and in 6% of women. Highly abnormal T2 relaxometry, suggesting HS, occurre..

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