Journal article

A global assessment of civil registration and vital statistics systems: monitoring data quality and progress

Lene Mikkelsen, David E Phillips, Carla AbouZahr, Philip W Setel, Don de Savigny, Rafael Lozano, Alan D Lopez



Increasing demand for better quality data and more investment to strengthen civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems will require increased emphasis on objective, comparable, cost-effective monitoring and assessment methods to measure progress. We apply a composite index (the vital statistics performance index [VSPI]) to assess the performance of CRVS systems in 148 countries or territories during 1980-2012 and classify them into five distinct performance categories, ranging from rudimentary (with scores close to zero) to satisfactory (with scores close to one), with a mean VSPI score since 2005 of 0·61 (SD 0·31). As expected, the best performing systems were mostly in the Euro..

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