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Analysis of the time-varying cortical neural connectivity in the newborn EEG: A time-frequency approach

A Omidvarnia, M Mesbah, JM O'Toole, P Colditz, B Boashash

7th International Workshop on Systems, Signal Processing and their Applications, WoSSPA 2011 | Published : 2011


Relationships between cortical neural recordings as a representation of functional connectivity between cortical brain regions were quantified using different time-frequency criteria. Among these, Partial Directed Coherence (PDC) and Directed Transfer Function (DTF) and their extensions have found wide acceptance. This paper aims to assess and compare the performance of these two connectivity measures that are based on time-varying multivariate AR modeling. The time-varying parameters of the AR model are estimated using an Adaptive AR modeling (AAR) approach and a short-time based stationary approach. The performance of these two approaches is compared using both simulated signal and a multi..

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