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Erbium-doped slot waveguides containing size-controlled silicon nanocrystals

R Hoffmann, J Beyer, V Klemm, D Rafaja, BC Johnson, JC McCallum, J Heitmann

Journal of Applied Physics | AMER INST PHYSICS | Published : 2015


Silicon based slot waveguides with a slot containing Si nanocrystals (Si-nc) and Erbium ions (Er3+) inside a silica matrix were prepared using sputter deposition and low-energy ion implantation. This sequence enabled independent optimization of nanocrystal formation and Er3+ incorporation parameters. Using a superlattice approach, the size of the Si-nc inside the slot could be controlled and optimized for maximum Er3+ luminescence yield at 1.54μm. Er3+ is found to be efficiently pumped by Si-nc of sizes around 3 to 4 nm. Increasing Er3+ photoluminescence at 1.54μm with increasing post-implantation annealing temperatures up to 1000°C is attributed to annealing of matrix or Si-nc interface def..

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