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Differential drives from rostral ventrolateral medullary neurons to three identified sympathetic outflows.

RM McAllen, CN May

Am J Physiol | Published : 1994


Simultaneous recordings were made in chloralose-anesthetized cats from muscle vasoconstrictor (MVC), visceral vasoconstrictor (VVC), and renal (RSN) sympathetic fibers. Their barosensitivity was demonstrated, after which all baroreceptor nerves were cut. Multiple microinjections of sodium glutamate (5 nl, 0.1 M) were made in a grid pattern covering the rostral ventrolateral medulla (RVLM) pressor area on seven sides of four animals. Injections increased blood pressure by up to 87 +/- 22 mmHg and MVC, VVC, and RSN activities by up to 169 +/- 55, 62 +/- 23, and 67 +/- 36%, respectively. The relative responses between nerves (taken in pairs) showed significant inhomogeneity across injections in..

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