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Combined Measurement of the Higgs Boson Mass in pp Collisions at root s=7 and 8 TeV with the ATLAS and CMS Experiments

G Aad, B Abbott, J Abdallah, O Abdinov, R Aben, M Abolins, OS AbouZeid, H Abramowicz, H Abreu, R Abreu, Y Abulaiti, BS Acharya, L Adamczyk, DL Adams, J Adelman, S Adomeit, T Adye, AA Affolder, T Agatonovic-Jovin, JA Aguilar-Saavedra Show all



Awarded by Science and Technology Facilities Council

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank CERN for the very successful operation of the LHC, as well as the support staff from our institutions without whom ATLAS and CMS could not be operated efficiently. We acknowledge the support of ANPCyT (Argentina); YerPhI (Armenia); ARC (Australia); BMWFW and FWF (Austria); ANAS (Azerbaijan); SSTC (Belarus); FNRS and FWO (Belgium); CNPq, CAPES, FAPERJ, and FAPESP (Brazil); MES (Bulgaria); NSERC, NRC, and CFI (Canada); CERN; CONICYT (Chile); CAS, MoST, and NSFC (China); COLCIENCIAS (Colombia); MSES and CSF (Croatia); RPF (Cyprus); MSMT CR, MPO CR, and VSC CR (Czech Republic); DNRF, DNSRC, and Lundbeck Foundation (Denmark); MoER, ERC IUT, and ERDF (Estonia); EPLANET, ERC, and NSRF (European Union); Academy of Finland, MEC, and HIP (Finland); CEA, CNRS/IN2P3 (France); GNSF (Georgia); BMBF, DFG, HGF, MPG, and AvH Foundation (Germany); GSRT and NSRF (Greece); RGC (Hong Kong SAR, China); OTKA and NIH (Hungary); DAE and DST (India); IPM (Iran); SFI (Ireland); ISF, MINERVA, GIF, I-CORE, and Benoziyo Center (Israel); INFN (Italy); MEXT and JSPS (Japan); JINR; MSIP, and NRF (Republic of Korea); LAS (Lithuania); MOE and UM (Malaysia); CINVESTAV, CONACYT, SEP, and UASLP-FAI (Mexico); CNRST (Morocco); FOM and NWO (Netherlands); MBIE (New Zealand); BRF and RCN (Norway); PAEC (Pakistan); MNiSW, MSHE, NCN, and NSC (Poland); GRICES and FCT (Portugal); MNE/IFA (Romania); MES of Russia, MON, RosAtom, RAS, and RFBR (Russian Federation); MSTD and MESTD (Serbia); MSSR (Slovakia); ARRS and MIZS (Slovenia); DST/NRF (South Africa); MINECO, SEIDI, and CPAN (Spain); SRC and Wallenberg Foundation (Sweden); ETH Board, ETH Zurich, PSI, SER, SNSF, UniZH, and Cantons of Bern, Geneve, and Zurich (Switzerland); NSC (Taipei); MST (Taiwan); ThEPCenter, IPST, STAR, and NSTDA (Thailand); TUBITAK and TAEK (Turkey); NASU and SFFR (Ukraine); STFC and the Royal Society and Leverhulme Trust (U.K.); DOE and NSF (U.S.). In addition, we gratefully acknowledge the crucial computing support from all WLCG partners, in particular from CERN and the Tier-1 and Tier-2 facilities worldwide.