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Genome-wide Generation and Systematic Phenotyping of Knockout Mice Reveals New Roles for Many Genes

Jacqueline K White, Anna-Karin Gerdin, Natasha A Karp, Ed Ryder, Marija Buljan, James N Bussell, Jennifer Salisbury, Simon Clare, Neil J Ingham, Christine Podrini, Richard Houghton, Jeanne Estabel, Joanna R Bottomley, David G Melvin, David Sunter, Niels C Adams, David Tannahill, Darren W Logan, Daniel G MacArthur, Jonathan Flint Show all

Cell | CELL PRESS | Published : 2013

University of Melbourne Researchers


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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Alex Bateman, Lars Barquist, Steve O'Rahilly, Keith Burling, Seth Grant, Pentao Liu, and Lorraine Everett for advice and the EUMODIC consortium for discussions. This work was supported by the Wellcome Trust (grant Nos. 098051 to Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and RG45277 PCAG/116 to F.M.W.), Medical Research Council (to K.P.S. and F.M.W.), European Commission (EUMODIC contract No. LSHG-CT-2006-037188), NIH (EY08213 to S.H.T. and 5K08EY020530-02 to V.B.M.), Research to Prevent Blindness (to S.H.T. and V.B.M.), Australian Research Council (DP1092723 to I.S.), and Cancer Research UK (to D.J.A.). J.K.W. and K.P.S. conceived and devised the single phenotyping pipeline and principles of analysis and presentation of the data; R.R.S., J.K.W., R.H., J.R.B., and E.R. managed mouse production and genotyping; J.N.B. and J.S. managed mouse breeding; A.K.G., C.P., J.E., D.S., N.I., and J.K.W. managed mouse phenotyping and analyzed data; the Sanger Institute Mouse Genetics Project team contributed to all aspects of the work; S.C. and G.D. led the infectious challenge screen; V.B.M. and S.H.T. led the eye histopathology screen; I.S. and F.M.W. led the skin screen; J.F. led the brain histopathology screen; D.J.A. led the micronucleus screen; J.N.B. and J.R.B. managed mouse distribution; J.K.W., A.K.G., M.B., and K.P.S. compiled Tables S1, S2, S5, and S6; N.A.K., D.M., D.S., and M.B. carried out annotation and statistical analysis; N.C.A., D.G.M., and W.C.S. led development of informatics support; D.W.L. wrote Wiki pages for the mutants; J.K.W., D.J.A., R.R.S., and K.P.S. led the project; and K.P.S., A.B., and J.K.W. wrote the paper with contributions from all authors.