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Identification of Novel Genetic Markers of Breast Cancer Survival

Qi Guo, Marjanka K Schmidt, Peter Kraft, Sander Canisius, Constance Chen, Sofia Khan, Jonathan Tyrer, Manjeet K Bolla, Qin Wang, Joe Dennis, Kyriaki Michailidou, Michael Lush, Siddhartha Kar, Jonathan Beesley, Alison M Dunning, Mitul Shah, Kamila Czene, Hatef Darabi, Mikael Eriksson, Diether Lambrechts Show all

Journal of the National Cancer Institute | OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC | Published : 2015


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Funding Acknowledgements

Higher-level funding: The COGS project was funded through a European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme grant (agreement number 223175 - HEALTH-F2-2009-223175). The Breast Cancer Association Consortium (BCAC) is funded by Cancer Research-UK (C1287/A10118 and C1287/A12014). Meetings of the BCAC have been funded by the European Union COST programme (BM0606). ELAN Program of the University Hospital Erlangen (BBCC).Personal support: DFE is a Principal Research Fellow of Cancer Research UK. JLH is a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Australia Fellow. MCS is an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow. GCT is an NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow. DL is supported by the FWO and the KULPFV/10/016-SymBioSysII. JL is a UNESCO-L'Oreal International Fellow. RB was a Cancer Institute NSW Fellow. KAP is a National Breast Cancer Foundation Fellow (Australia).Funding of constituent studies (these are listed by funding agency, with each grant number in parentheses): Academy of Finland (266528); Addenbrookes Charitable Trust; Agency for Science, Technology and Research of Singapore; Asociacion Espanola Contra el Cancer and the Fondo de Investigacion Sanitario (PI11/00923, PI08/1120); Baden Wurttemberg Ministry of Science, Research and Arts; Breast Cancer Campaign (2009PR42); Breast Cancer Research Foundation; Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR Team in Familial Risks of Breast Cancer program); Cancer Australia; Cancer Councils of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia; Cancer Foundation of Western Australia; Cancer Fund of North Savo; Cancer Research UK (C1287/A10118, C1287/A12014, A7572, A10124, A11699, A16561, C507/A6306, C10097/A7484, C1275/A11699); Chief Physician Johan Boserup and Lise Boserup Fund; Danish Breast Cancer Group; Danish Medical Research Council; Deutsche Krebshilfe (70-2892-BR I, PBZ_KBN_122/P05/2004); Dietmar-Hopp Foundation; Dutch Cancer Society (1997-1505, 2004-3124, NKI2007-3839, 2009-4318, NKI2009-4363); Dutch government (NWO 184.021.007); Dutch National Genomics Initiative; ELAN-Fond of the University Hospital of Erlangen; European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (HEALTH-F2-2009-223175); Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany (01KH0402); Finnish Cancer Society; Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale Tumori; Genome Spain Foundation; German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ); Hamburg Cancer Society; Helmholtz Society; Helsinki University Central Hospital Research Fund; Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC); Kuopio University Hospital special Government Funding; National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (209057, 251553 and 504711); National Breast Cancer Foundation (Australia); National Institute for Health Research, Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre; Nordic Cancer Union; Marit and Hans Rausings Initiative Against Breast Cancer; Nordic Cancer Union; Polish Foundation of Science (PBZ_KBN_122/P05/2004); Queensland Cancer Fund; Red Tematica de Investigacion Cooperativa en Cancer; Sigrid Juselius Foundation; Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation; Stichting tegen Kanker (232-2008 and 196-2010); United States National Institutes of Health (BBMRI-NL-CP16, CA69638, CA69417, CA06503, CA116201, CA122340, CA128978, CA63464, CA54281, CA098758, CA132839, CA164920, CA98216, CA098233, CA148065, CA98710, CA98758, and the Intramural Research Program of the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute); UK National Institute for Health Research Biomedical Research Centres at the University of Cambridge, Guy's & St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with King's College London, and University of Oxford; University of Eastern Finland strategic funding; Victorian Health Promotion Foundation; Victorian Breast Cancer Research Consortium; Yorkshire Cancer Research (S295, S299, S305PA).