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Energy dispersive X-ray analysis on an absolute scale in scanning transmission electron microscopy

Z Chen, AJ D'Alfonso, M Weyland, DJ Taplin, LJ Allen, SD Findlay



We demonstrate absolute scale agreement between the number of X-ray counts in energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy using an atomic-scale coherent electron probe and first-principles simulations. Scan-averaged spectra were collected across a range of thicknesses with precisely determined and controlled microscope parameters. Ionization cross-sections were calculated using the quantum excitation of phonons model, incorporating dynamical (multiple) electron scattering, which is seen to be important even for very thin specimens.

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors gratefully acknowledge Dr. Y. Zhu for the sample and Drs. N.R. Lugg and J.M. LeBeau for helpful discussions, We are especially grateful to Dr. N.J. Zaluzec (Argonne National Laboratory) and Alan Sandborg (EDAX Inc.) for assistance with the geometry of our EDX detector. We thank FEI for the measurements of the Be double tilt holder. This research was supported under the Australian Research Councils Discovery Projects funding scheme (Projects no. DP110102228 and DP140102538), its DECRA funding scheme (Project no. DE130100739) and its LIEF funding scheme (Project no. LE0454166).