Journal article

Epigenetic landscape of germline specific genes in the sporophyte cells of Arabidopsis thaliana

Chol Hee Jung, Martin O'Brien, Mohan B Singh, Prem L Bhalla

Frontiers in Plant Science | FRONTIERS MEDIA SA | Published : 2015


In plants, the germline lineages arise in later stages of life cycle as opposed to animals where both male and female germlines are set aside early in development. This developmental divergence is associated with germline specific or preferential expression of a subset of genes that are normally repressed for the rest of plant life cycle. The gene regulatory mechanisms involved in such long-term suppression and short-term activation in plant germline remain vague. Thus, we explored the nature of epigenetic marks that are likely associated with long-term gene repression in the non-germline cells. We accessed available Arabidopsis genome-wide DNA methylation and histone modification data and q..

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