Opportunities for Pumped Hydro Energy Storage in Australia

P Hearps, R Dargaville, D MCCONNELL, M Sandiford, T Forcey, P Seligman

Melbourne Energy Institue | Published : 2014


Pumped hydroelectricity energy storage (PHES) is by far the most significant form of large-­‐scale energy storage in use around the world today with approximately 130 GW of generation capacity installed. PHES facility construction is resurging globally as evolving electricity supply systems place greater value on stored energy. Australia has approximately 1.5 GW of PHES capacity; however, no large-­‐scale facilities have been installed in the last 30 years. This paper examines opportunities for the construction of additional large-­‐scale PHES facilities in Australia.

Funding Acknowledgements

The University of Melbourne Energy Institute acknowledges the consulting and engineering company Arup for its support of this research.