The stratigraphy and cyclicity of the late Dinantian platform carbonates in parts of southern and western Ireland

SJ Gallagher, P Strogen (ed.), ID Somerville (ed.), GL Jones (ed.)

Geological Society Special Publication | GEOLOGICAL SOC PUBLISHING HOUSE | Published : 1996


The late Dinantian platform carbonate successions of the Burren, Buttevant and Callan areas in Ireland have been correlated using detailed litho- and biostratigraphy. Several subdivisions or lithofacies associations (LA) of the Asbian to Brigantian part of the succession have been recognized in each area. The nature and number of minor cycles in the late Dinantian of Ireland is similar to those of platform successions of the same age elsewhere in the British Isles, suggesting that eustatic changes were one of the major controls on cyclicity during the late Dinantian. -from Author