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The CRF1 receptor antagonist antalarmin reduces volitional ethanol consumption in isolation-reared fawn-hooded rats.

DJ Lodge, AJ Lawrence

Neuroscience | Published : 2003


Corticotropin releasing factor is a neuropeptide associated with the integration of physiological and behavioural responses to stress. More recently, corticotropin releasing factor has been implicated in the actions of abused drugs, including ethanol. Moreover, previous studies have demonstrated that the non-selective corticotropin releasing factor receptor antagonist, alpha-helical corticotropin releasing factor(9-41), can diminish some of the behavioural effects associated with ethanol withdrawal, whilst the selective corticotropin releasing factor(1) receptor antagonist CP-154,526 has been beneficial in decreasing stress-induced relapse into alcohol-seeking behaviour. However, as yet the ..

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