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Structural glycobiology of antibody recognition in xenotransplantation and cancer immunotherapy

M Agostino, W Farrugia, MS Sandrin, AM Scott, E Yuriev, PA Ramsland

Anticarbohydrate Antibodies: From Molecular Basis to Clinical Application | Published : 2014


Carbohydrate antigens recognized by natural or preformed and elicited antibodies are central to transplantation/transfusion rejection across ABO blood group and species (xenotransplantation) barriers and are also promising candidates for cancer immunotherapy (Ramsland 2005). The key carbohydrate determinants (epitopes) recognized by antibodies are synthesized by a series of intracellular glycosyltransferases and are expressed on the surface of cells as glycolipids and glycoproteins. Often the minimal carbohydrate epitopes are located at the terminal end of more complex oligosaccharide chains, which result in these epitopes being displayed at a wide range of surface densities and contexts (e...

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