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Integration of microRNA signatures of distinct mammary epithelial cell types with their gene expression and epigenetic portraits

Bhupinder Pal, Yunshun Chen, Andrew Bert, Yifang Hu, Julie M Sheridan, Tamara Beck, Wei Shi, Keith Satterley, Paul Jamieson, Gregory J Goodall, Geoffrey J Lindeman, Gordon K Smyth, Jane E Visvader

Breast Cancer Research | BMC | Published : 2015


INTRODUCTION: MicroRNAs (miRNAs) have been implicated in governing lineage specification and differentiation in multiple organs; however, little is known about their specific roles in mammopoiesis. We have determined the global miRNA expression profiles of functionally distinct epithelial subpopulations in mouse and human mammary tissue, and compared these to their cognate transcriptomes and epigenomes. Finally, the human miRNA signatures were used to interrogate the different subtypes of breast cancer, with a view to determining miRNA networks deregulated during oncogenesis. METHODS: RNA from sorted mouse and human mammary cell subpopulations was subjected to miRNA expression analysis using..

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Awarded by Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

Awarded by Cancer Council SA Project Grant

Awarded by VCA Early Career Seed

Awarded by NHMRC Fellowship

Awarded by National Breast Cancer Foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

We are very grateful to C Perou and K Hoadley for supplying PAM50 subtypes for the TCGA breast cancer samples, and F Vaillant for expert advice on sorting. Human breast tissue samples used in this project were provided by the Victorian Cancer Biobank, which is supported by the Victorian Cancer Agency (VCA). This work was supported by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grants #461221, #490037, #1008440, #1016701, #1054618; NHMRC IRIISS; the Victorian State Government through VCA funding of the Victorian Breast Cancer Research Consortium and Operational Infrastructure Support; the Australian Cancer Research Foundation; Cancer Council SA Project Grant 626956. BP was supported by a NHMRC Peter Doherty Fellowship and VCA Early Career Seed Grant (#ECSG13035), GKS, GJG and GJL by NHMRC Fellowships (#1058892, #1026191 and #1078730, respectively) and JEV by an Australia Fellowship.