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Targeting Antigen to Clec9A Primes Follicular Th Cell Memory Responses Capable of Robust Recall

Yu Kato, Ali Zaid, Gayle M Davey, Scott N Mueller, Stephen L Nutt, Dimitra Zotos, David M Tarlinton, Ken Shortman, Mireille H Lahoud, William R Heath, Irina Caminschi

The Journal of Immunology | AMER ASSOC IMMUNOLOGISTS | Published : 2015


Targeting Ags to dendritic cell (DC) surface receptors can induce a variety of responses depending on the DC type targeted, the receptor targeted, and the adjuvant used. Clec9A (DNGR-1), which is expressed by CD8(+) DCs, has been shown to bind F-actin exposed on damaged cells. Targeting Ag to this receptor in mice and nonhuman primates induces strong humoral immunity even in the absence of adjuvant, a process seen for a few select DC receptors. In contrast with other receptors, however, targeting Clec9A induces long-lived, affinity-matured Ab responses that are associated with efficient CD4(+) T cell responses shown to possess properties of follicular Th cells (TFH). In this article, we prov..

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