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Gradient-constrained discounted Steiner trees I: optimal tree configurations

KG Sirinanda, M Brazil, PA Grossman, JH Rubinstein, DA Thomas

Journal of Global Optimization | Springer US | Published : 2016


A gradient-constrained discounted Steiner treeT is a maximum Net Present Value (NPV) tree, spanning a given set N of nodes in space with edges whose gradients are all no more than an upper bound m which is the maximum gradient. The nodes in T but not in N are referred to as discounted Steiner points. Such a tree has costs associated with its edges and values associated with its nodes. In order to reach the nodes in the tree, the edges need to be constructed. The edges are constructed in a particular order and the costs of constructing the edges and the values at the nodes are discounted over time. In this paper, we study the optimal tree configurations so as to maximize the sum of all the di..

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