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Gradient-constrained discounted Steiner trees II: optimally locating a discounted Steiner point

KG Sirinanda, M Brazil, PA Grossman, JH Rubinstein, DA Thomas



A gradient-constrained discounted Steiner tree is a network interconnecting given set of nodes in Euclidean space where the gradients of the edges are all no more than an upper bound which defines the maximum gradient. In such a tree, the costs are associated with its edges and values are associated with nodes and are discounted over time. In this paper, we study the problem of optimally locating a single Steiner point in the presence of the gradient constraint in a tree so as to maximize the sum of all the discounted cash flows, known as the net present value (NPV). An edge in the tree is labelled as a b edge, or a m edge, or an f edge if the gradient between its endpoints is greater than, ..

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