Sonochemistry and the acoustic bubble

F Grieser, P-K Choi, N Enomoto, H Harada, K Okitsu, K Yasui, Y Asakura, T Kimura, T Kondo, H Nomura, S Saito, K Yasuda, F Grieser (ed.), P-K Choi (ed.), N Enomoto (ed.), H Harada (ed.), K Okitsu (ed.), K Yasui (ed.)

Elsevier | Published : 2015


The book provides a beginners introduction to the way ultrasound acts on bubbles in a liquid to cause bubbles to collapse violently, leading to localised 'hot spots' in the liquid with temperatures of the order of 5000 °C and under pressures of several atmospheres.

University of Melbourne Researchers