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OS046. Genome-wide association scans identify novel maternalsusceptibility loci for preeclampsia.

M Johnson, S Brennecke, A-C Iversen, C East, G Olsen, J Kent, T Dyer, J Said, L Roten, L Abraham, J-A Zwart, B Winsvold, A Håberg, M Huentelman, H Krokan, M Gabrielsen, R Austgulen, J Blangero, E Moses

Pregnancy Hypertens | Published : 2012


INTRODUCTION: We have successfully utilized a family-based study design to localize several positional candidate preeclampsia susceptibility genes to chromosomes 2q22(ACVR2A,LCT,LRP1B,RND3,GCA),5q (ERAP2) and 13q(TNFSF13B). We now report on our continued positional cloning efforts using an alternative genome-wide association (GWA) mapping strategy in large Caucasian case-control cohorts from Australia and Norway. OBJECTIVES: To identify maternal genetic risk loci for preeclampsia. METHODS: The unrelated Australian samples (545 cases,547 controls) were genotyped using Illumina BeadChip technology (700K loci) and have been analyzed using PLINK. All unrelated Norwegian samples were genotyped ac..

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